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We offer a wide range of services for your children. You can choose classic speech therapy, but we are also certified to work with the HYPO stimulation program and Development of language skills according to D. B. Elkonin. We offer KUMOT group program for social and motor skills development.

We are also trained in myofunctional therapy using the myOSA® appliances.

Speech-language pathology

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Our clinic specializes in speech and language development of children from the age of 3. Have you noticed that your child does not speak, speaks only a little or incomprehensibly? Do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you evaluate your child’s condition and assess if speech therapy is suitable.

Our offer for pre-schoolers includes creating an individual annual program for their complex development including language development, correct articulation training, development of concentration, attention and memory. We prevent learning disorders and school entry delay.

We also help children with speech fluency problems. Stuttering therapy is offered to children of preschool or school age. When working with our youngest clients, we concentrate on vocabulary development and speech comprehension. We practice active communication. Children will develop their speech in a gentle, playful form. Not only do we teach the child to communicate, but we also fully support and educate the child’s parent.


Stimulační program HYPO

Twelve-week-long program aimed at pre-schoolers and children with school entry delay, who exhibit partial function deficits. Those deficits may later cause problems with learning school skills. The HYPO program develops perceptive, cognitive and social skills and is also usable preventively to practice partial skills essential for passing first grade of primary school. The program is intended for individual work with a child and is divided into 12 lessons, each containing 6–7 exercises. Every week parent and child receive exercises, which they are supposed to deal with together over the next period. Thanks to this regular work, children learn to keep attention, get a sense of responsibility for finishing the exercise and develop the necessary school working habits. The parent-child relationship and cooperation is also being strengthened.

D.B. Elkonin

Rozvoj jazykových dovedností

This methodology is intended for children from the age of 5, children with school entry delay and children with language delay or impairment. This stimulation program supports pre-reading skills – especially the so called “phonemic awareness”, which is essential for obtaining the ability to read and write and lessens the risk of difficulties in these areas. The main part of the program is work with a spelling book, which helps children to learn concepts like syllable, phoneme, vowel or consonant and gain a deeper insight into language structure. Children learn to work with phonemes and understand their distinctive function in words. This methodology not only prepares children for reading and writing, but also develops their language awareness and provides a model of correct articulation.


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The level of social behaviour and motor skills of a child are often the deciding factors for admission to first grade. Group program for social and motor skills development is therefore aimed mainly at pre-schoolers and children with school entry delay and is also suitable for children with attention and speech disorders. A children’s group is formed, which offers safe and pleasant environment for the development of necessary social and motor skills.

Program consists of 10 lessons, which take place once a week. Every lesson has a specific main topic, lasts 60 minutes and is led by a therapist. Lessons have a form of a game, during which children develop their fine and gross motor skills, communication, ability to express themselves, group work and relaxation. Children learn to work in a group, individually and in a pair and have the possibility to try different roles. After finishing the program, children are more skilful, calmer and friendlier.

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We help our adult clients with persistent articulation errors. Correct articulation can be learned at any age. If you suffer from rhotacism (difficulty with the “R” sound), lisping or other speech sound disorders, please contact us.

We also attend to clients after a stroke. Our practice provides therapy and counselling to people with dementia and their family members. We cooperate externally with the Department of Neurology at the Brno Military Hospital, where we regularly visit the inpatient ward.

Všechny důležité informace o pomůckách myOSA


Myosa® are oral sleep appliances. This range of sleep appliances suitable for children aged between two and twelve years old regulates the breathing during sleep. Correct breathing during sleep affects the condition and function of the facial, tongue, cheek and jaw muscles. The proper function of the orofacial muscles influences the future condition of the dental arches in children and has a significant impact on the healthy teeth growth. By using Myosa® appliances, you support the development of naturally straight teeth.

Myosa® sleep appliance systems are developed by Myofunctional Research Co and used worldwide. Specialists in our practice have been trained to use Myosa®. Myosa® therapy is suitable for children with articulation disorder but also for children without any speech difficulties. We also recommend Myosa® therapy to children who continue to suck their thumbs, have bad oral habits, breath through their mouth or snore at night. The appliances can be also used after tonsillectomy or adenoidectomy and when children are learning to breathe through their nose.

Besides appliances for children, we also work with the Myosa® for Snorers range. Do you suffer from snoring? Is your child or partner a snorer? Make an appointment with us.

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All offered services for children and adults can also be provided in the comfort of your home. The consultation usually takes 45 minutes and we bring all the aids and materials with us.

This type of appointment is beneficial if your child is anxious in an unfamiliar environment or if you don’t have the time to take your child to our practice. The service is suitable for children with articulation disorders, specific language impairment (developmental dysphasia), delayed speech development or stutter.

Comprehensive speech-language pathology services are also offered to adults after stroke, head injury or with neurodegenerative disease. We also attend to clients suffering from aphasia, dysarthria or cognitive-communication disorder.

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Our practice organises communication skills training for companies. This training can take place at your premises or in the practice and its content can be tailored to your needs. Do you want your employees to master their verbal and non-verbal communication skills? Everybody’s success largely depends on their attitude and approach, which can be improved by language and speech training.

Contact us and we will send you a non-binding offer.