Our Specialists

The mission of our practice is to provide client-oriented speech and language therapy services. All our clients are guaranteed regular appointments and we work intensively and systematically.
Šárka Bocianová

Mgr. Šárka Bocianová

Specialization: Speech-Language Pathology
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone No.: +420 773 774 053


Mgr. Šárka Bocianová got her Master’s degree in Speech and Language Therapy from the Palacký University Olomouc. From 2013 she worked as a speech-language pathologist at the Speech-Language Therapy Practice in Litomyšl and at the Litomyšl Hospital. In 2016 she returned to Brno and started working at the Private Clinic LOGO.


After receiving her postgraduate certification in the Speech-Language Pathology, Šárka opened her own speech-language therapy practice in 2017 in order to provide specialised consulting in speech and communication. The mission of our practice is to make speech therapy accessible to anyone who needs it. We find an individual approach to each client and the appointment is tailor-made to suit every client’s needs. We use modern progressive methods and promote continuous learning.

Training and Internships

  • Private Clinic LOGO in Brno
  • Blansko Hospital, Speech-Language Therapy Practice
  • PaedDr. Olga Havelková, Accredited Speech-Language Therapy Practice, Olomouc
  • Department of Phoniatrics, 1st Faculty of Medicine Charles University and General Faculty Hospital in Prague
  • SPC Ibsenova, Brno
  • University Hospital Brno, Clinic of Neurology
  • Spojená škola Pavla Sabadoša (Pavel Sabadoš Special Needs School), Prešov
  • Preschool and Special Needs Education Centre in Jihlava

Courses and certificates

  • MRC Waalwijk, Myofunctional research co., Použití systému myobrace / myOSA® při terapii myofunkčních poruch 09/2017

  • Elektivní mutismus 03/2017

  • Dyslalie 02/2017

  • Vyšetřovací testy v klinické logopedii 01/2017

  • Komplex.péče o děti s rizikovou perinatální anamnézou 11/2016

  • Palatolalie 11/2016

    AKL ČR, Brno

  • Neurogenní poruchy komunikace u dospělých 03/2016

  • Koktavost, Breptavost I.-II. 12/2015

  • Afaziologie A, B 12/2015

  • Klinická neurologie pro klinické logopedy 10/2015

  • Rozvíjení jazykových schopností, trénink jaz. uvědomování dle D.B. Elkonina 10/2015

  • Vady a poruchy sluchu 04/2015

  • Neodkladná první pomoc 03/2015

  • Vývojová dysfázie 02/2015

  • Hlas 02/2015

  • Incipientní koktavost A 12/2014

  • Afázie I. - II. 11/2015

Barbora Horvatová

Mgr. Barbora Horvatová

Speech-Language Pathology
[email protected]
Phone No.: +420 775 238 848


Mgr. Barbora Horvatová acquired a master’s degree in Special Education with specialization in Speech Therapy and Hearing Impairment on Masaryk University in Brno. During her studies she worked as a lector in an English kindergarten called Kindergarten Brno Campus, where she gained a lot of experience with children in their early years and pre-schoolers. She also worked with children while taking part in a research project called “O matkách a dětech” (About Mothers and Children) under the Institute for Research on Children, Youth and Family of FSS MU, where she participated in data collection.

Other important work experience, which included work with disabled children, was work on an exhibition called “Naše cesta” (Our way) and also intensive long-term volunteer work with a child with autism spectrum disorder. She gained experience with speech therapy during internships in speech therapy kindergartens and primary schools.

Barbora also successfully completed the I. module of the Czech sign language course organized by Česká unie neslyšících, z. ú. (Czech Union of the Deaf) and took part in two workshops “Rozvoj Hrou: Jak pomoci lidem s poruchou autistického spektra skrze terapeutickou hru“ (Development through a game: How to help people with autism spectrum disorder through a therapeutic game). Since 2019 she has been working under the supervision of Mgr. Šárka Bocianová at her speech-language pathology clinic.

Petra Hoffmannová

Mgr. Petra Hoffmannová

Specialization: Psychology
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone No.: +420 775 906 243


Mgr. Petra Hoffmannová received her degree in Psychology from the Faculty of Arts at the Masaryk University in Brno. Nowadays, she has been widening her knowledge by studying for a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology. After graduating, she joined the Private Clinic LOGO in Brno, where she worked with both children and adults. Petra is currently working at the Blansko Hospital, where she provides ambulatory and inpatient care.


During her studies, she organized free-time activities (cognitive training) for psychiatric patients as a part of the student project SPOLU (Together). She is still involved in this project. She also worked as a crisis worker at the Crisis and Intervention Centre for Children, Youth and Victims of Domestic Violence – SPONDEA.


Petra is developing her therapeutic skills in the Brno Institute of Psychotherapy, which is accredited by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.

Training and Internships

  • Retirement Home Brno Kociánka
  • Clinic of Psychiatry at the University Hospital Brno
  • ManorCare Nursing Home in Cleveland, Ohio (USA)
  • Department of Clinical Psychology at the University Hospital Brno
  • Basel Winter School for psychiatrists and psychologists, Psychiatric Clinic in Basel, Switzerland

Absolvované kurzy a certifikáty

  • Rorschachova metoda (akreditace MZ ČR)

  • Wechslerovy škály (akreditace MZ ČR)

  • Kompletní kurz krizové intervence (akreditace MPSV ČR)

  • EEG Biofeedback 1.stupeň

  • Akreditovaný kvalifikační kurz Psycholog ve zdravotnictví

  • Baum test

  • Certificate in advanced English (CAE)

Orly Ostern

Orly Ostern of Straddles Home

Specialization: Canistherapy
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone No.: +420 773 774 053


Orly is a female Irish setter. She was born at the Straddles Home in Austria on Easter 2017. Andreas and Conny Spreitzer have been breeding setters for a long time. Six adult female setters live at the Straddles Home and you can find their puppies all over the world.


Orly is our therapy dog that works with our clients in the practice, but she can also visit them at home.


In her free time, Orly loves being in the woods, tracking wildlife and watching over the grounds. She likes being on a tennis court or a golf course, but she also enjoys lying on a sofa. In autumn, she plans to participate in a truffle hunting course in Northern Italy.