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Improving Speech and Language Skills

Good communication skills are vital for interpersonal relationships at any age. We specialise in helping children and adults to improve language and speech skills. Our practice provides state-of-the-art comprehensive care with therapy materials and aids tailored to the client’s needs. We guarantee regular appointments and intensive therapy.

Our practice can also offer psychological counselling for both children and adults. Speech-language therapy and psychological counselling are also available in English.

We are trained to work with the Myosa® system and TALKTOOLS®.

Our Specialists

The mission of our practice is to provide client-oriented speech and language therapy services. All our clients are guaranteed regular appointments and we work intensively and systematically.

How We Can Help

Comprehensive speech-language therapy for
  • Children and adults with articulation difficulties, children with delayed speech development or specific language impairment (developmental dysphasia)

    (we correct articulation disorders at any age, help late talkers, offer language and speech development programs for children with specific language impairment, prepare children for school and prevent postponing school attendance)

  • People with neurogenic communication disorder

    (we help people suffering from aphasia, dysarthria or cognitive-communication disorder. We also organise regular group meetings aimed at cognitive-communication training for people with neurogenic communication disorder)

  • Children with myofunctional disorders

    (we help to break bad habits such as thumb or finger sucking. Our practice also corrects overbite and helps with receding gums, swallowing problems, incorrect positioning of the tongue, incorrect breathing and breathing after tonsillectomy)

  • Children and adults with fluency disorders

    (we provide individual and group therapy programs for people who suffer from stuttering or cluttering)